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n 2013, the capital began a gradual process to replace ◆coal-fueled generators with equipment powered by natural gas. The c◆ity achieved its coal-free target in March this year. The old gene◆rators at the Huaneng plant were held in reserve in case they were ◆needed. According to the commission's website, one of the coal-fir◆ed generators was used over the summer to cope wiy

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hua) -- China will cut excess capacity in steel and coal as part of its econom〓ic structural reform, Premier Li Keqiang vowed as he addressed the opening of the Annual 〓Meeting of the New Champions 2016, or Summer Davos, in Tianjin on Monday. The government〓 will continue to focus especially on supply-side structural reform by reducing supply of〓 inefficient and low-end products and services while encouraging more in-demand and premi〓um ones, a process that will boost economic growth, Li told delegates at the forum. An i〓mportant part of the supply-side reform is cutting excess capacity in sectors including s〓teel and coal, and this will be further pushed mainly "with a market-oriented and law-abi〓ding approach," he said. According to the premier, governments and enterprises will take〓 measures to reemploy steel worker9

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ds ready to be a responsible country with all these proacti〓ve measures," he said. The government will reform on its own services to cut red tape an〓d regulate emerging sectors or business models, Li said. He also promised that China wil〓l make adjustments in fiscal, financial and investment areas to guide support towards the〓 real economy, deepen reforms in state-owned enterprises and give private firms more acce〓ss to the market. BEIJING, March 5 (Xinhua) -- Numerical targets to reduce coal and steel production capacity have〓, for the first time, been set in the annual Chinese government work report. China will reduce〓 steel production capacity this year by around 50 million metric tons and shut down at least 15〓0 million metric tons of coal production facilities, Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday in a govern〓ment work report to the fifth session of the 12th National People's Congress. Last year's gove〓rnment work report promised capacity-cutting in the two industries, but did not specify targets〓. In 2016, the7